These are some of the US issued patents that I have been a part of as inventor.  There are some applications that are still pending and I have helped in writing many more.

US Patent# Title Issue Date
7,416,137 Thermodynamic Cycles Using Thermal Diluent 2008/08/26
7,523,603 Trifluid Reactor 2009/04/28
7,814,975 Heavy Oil Recovery with Fluid Water and Carbon Dioxide 2010/10/19
8,162,568 Thermogenerator to Remediate Contaminated Sites 2012/04/24
8,561,702 Hot Fluid Recovery of Heavy Oil with Steam and CO2 2013/10/22
8,631,657 Thermodynamic Cycles with Thermal Diluent 2014/01/21
9,254,729 Partial Load Combustion Cycles 2016/02/09