Professional Experience

This is a partial list of my professional experience and work that I have done.

Seating components and RV hardware:

  • Develop and manage new seating and RV hardware products from concept through to production, providing continual support to production and customers.
  • Develop timelines and manage the development of major new products; overseeing meetings and directing team members to achieve project goals.
  • Direct and supervise 3D modeling and FEA of seating components for commercial and service vehicles; Implementing FEA into the development process.
  • Develop and implement control systems for product testing.
  • Directed the development and implementation through production of updated electrical systems for major product line, reducing costs while upgrading to newer technologies.
  • Designed, developed and implemented electro-mechanical seat adjuster for RV and service vehicles, exceeding the safety standards required by the industry.

Combustion Systems

  • Modeled thermodynamic power cycles to optimize power cycles and burner systems.
  • Developed control system for wet combustion system and designed several combustor and nozzle systems.
  • Oversaw experimentation, data collection and analysis of a year long combustion experiment.
  • Debugged code for cutting-edge CFD research software; finding and repairing major errors that had produced erroneous results.

RF Broadcast Technology

  • Developed a Digital Radio Modulation system for radio broadcast transmission; providing other engineers with design suggestions and insights.
  • Oversaw the operations, maintenance, and repair of six high power transmitters and nine antennas.
  • Trained local staff in the operations, maintenance, and repair of the transmitters.
  • Delegated and assisted in technical projects to make the transmitter operations more reliable and efficient.
  • Maintained and repaired the short-wave, medium wave, and FM transmitters, antennas and audio feeds.
  • Assisted in training local staff in the operations, maintenance, and repair of the transmitters.
  • Supervised the work of transmitter operators as they operated and maintained the equipment.

Networking and IT

  • Researched, designed and developed computer networks and tools in and for third world countries, including the installation of satellite internet access in Asia with minimal equipment while working across cultural differences.
  • Designed and installed network server hardware and management solutions for small and medium businesses.
  • Intellectual Property Development and Management:
  • Researched new technologies including diamond electrodes and substrates.
  • Managed IP team members and resources to complete projects in timely manner with over fifteen applications filed.
  • Wrote patent applications and mined patents while coordinating logistics with inventors, management, and other IP consultants and legal firms.
  • Provided detailed patentability searches and freedom to operate surveys.