Start Playing the Game

You cannot win if you are unwilling to play the game.
Play the game!

The other day I was talking with a friend about a business venture that had been going on for several years but there was no progress in getting a product into market. There is some great technologies that have been researched and developed that could change the world but there is fear to put it out there. Fear that someone will steal the idea. Fear that there is a bully out there waiting to threaten as soon as their customer base see the new and better alternative. Even fear that this new technology will be to big to handle. Fear of the unknown.

Fear immobilizes. It prevents us from taking the needed action. But we need to overcome that fear and take that step. Get into the game.

Surround yourself with people of action that can keep you accountable to take the needed steps. Bring people onto the team that you can trust and that are not afraid to say something and have demonstrated initiative. Enable them to do the tasks at hand, whether it is putting things in place and making the traction to go forward or keeping you accountable for what needs to be done.

Yes, it may fail or there may be “pain” in the process. But you are moving! You have created the opportunity for success. A chance to win the game. But you can not win if you do not get into the ‘game’!

Fear will still be there but with a team that you trust and are willing to listen to will greatly help in overcoming the fear and start moving forward.

Get out there and change your world.